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The West Church Hall Project

Most of you know how much I enjoy things financial (not at all) so the thought of suggesting that the congregation might take on something as enormously daunting as the refurbishment of the West Church Hall, filled me with more fear than excitement!

There was however, a very strong sense of this being a God-prompted task and the vision behind it, to offer space for people to be whole in body mind and spirit, was and remains, very exciting indeed. The Kirk Session and the Deacons’ Court supported the vision and conversations began with all sorts of people across the community to gather their thoughts and to ensure we didn’t get in the way of other proposed developments in the town.

You as a congregation and as a community have backed the vision tremendously through your enormous fundraising efforts and your prayerful support and when I have been inclined to waver at the financial commitment involved, the members of your Hall Committee and especially our Treasurer, have gently (yet forcefully!) said ‘we can do this’.

And we have.

It’s true there is a slight shortfall still to be met and loans to repay but compared to the mountain we started with, this is simply a wee knoll!

So let’s celebrate! And let’s do that by asking for God’s blessing on the work that has been done and on the opportunities that work offers for us to continue to serve our community. The re-opening of the hall is one more step in God’s much greater vision for this parish and beyond. Our job now is to let him use it in ways that will open the door for everyone, of every age and ability, to be all they can be – to find fullness of life and wholeness in a space they can simply enjoy.

Right Rev. Susan Brown